Kidnappers Demand $10m For 68 Year Old Wife Of Wealthy Businessman

Kidnappers who took Anne-Elisabeth Hagen, wife of a wealthy Norwegian businessman, are demanding $10m ransom in cryptocurrency.

Pompeo Meets Iraq Officials In Baghdad Visit

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has met with Iraqi officials on an unannounced visit to Baghdad on Wednesday, a statement from...

BREAKING: World Bank President Steps Down

The World Bank Group president, Jim Yong Kim, on Monday announced he would be stepping down from his position effective February 1.

Military Take Over Government In Gabon, Overthrows Ali Bongo

The Military has taken over power in Gabon, with the country’s ailing leader, Ali Bongo whose family has ruled the nation for...

Trump Threatens To Partially Shut Government For Months

President Donald Trump on Friday threatened to keep the U.S. government partially shut for months or years. He stated...

U.S. Demands Release Of Citizen Over Alleged Spying

The U.S. Government has demanded the return of Paul Whelan, a retired U.S. marine who was arrested in Moscow on alleged spying...

U.S., China Vow To Boost Cooperation On Diplomatic Anniversary

Chinese President Xi Jiping and US President Donald Trump have vowed to boost cooperation despite a bruising trade war on the 40th...

Bumblebee Is The Transformers Film Everyone Has Been Waiting For

Depending on how one looks at it, Bumblebee is either a Transformers prequel or a spinoff. The one thing...

Bangladesh PM Wins Third Straight Term Amid Vote-rigging Claims

Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has won a third straight term, sealing a landslide with almost all the seats in parliament, officials...

Two Killed In Bangladesh Election Violence

Two people were killed in election-related clashes in Bangladesh on Sunday, police said, following a deadly campaign marred by outbreaks of violence.
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