Top 5 Nutritious Golden Penny Food Options for Special Occasions

Like the recently held Easter and Ramadan celebrations, occasions in Nigeria are usually filled with various mouthwatering dishes, drinks, music, and fun. But it is common to see hosts getting worried about the perfect food combination to satisfy their friends and family cravings.

Truly, choosing an ideal food that’s not Jollof for any occasion can be mentally tasking. And we know no one likes to deal with headaches. Not to worry, this is why we are here to help you with a lineup of Golden Penny food options that are not only tasty but nourishing to the body.

Here are the top five Golden Penny food products to include in your menu for any occasion:

  1. Golden Penny Pasta

What’s a good meal without food lovers’ favourite pasta brand?

In Nigeria, parties are not complete without Jollof, but you can bring spice and fun to your own party by making Jollof pasta from Golden Penny. Imagine having your guests wowed with an enticing reddish dish of Golden Penny pasta? They will not forget your party.

Also, variants of the popular Golden Penny pasta brand including consumer favourites such as Spaghetti, Spaghettini, Macaroni, Twist, and Couscous are highly nutritious making it an all-time preference for lovers of good food.

Made from the finest quality Durum which makes it a great source of dietary fibre and rich in protein, Golden Penny pasta is a wholesome source of vitamin A, necessary for healthy growth and vitality.

And guess what? They can be served alone or paired with other party staples.

  1. Golden Penny Noodles
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Noodles are everyone’s go-to food for a quick fix on regular days, but have you ever had a noodles party? Hmmm, hopefully, your answer is a yes if not, here presents an invaluable opportunity to host a ‘noodles themes party’ by Golden Penny. Imagine presenting a well-prepared and garnished noodles meal to your guest with a cold drink to wash it down? memories like this are hard to forget

Now, what makes Golden Penny noodles special? It is tasty, non-sticky, and non-soggy, even if left for some time; allowing you to enjoy every strand. Made from the finest quality wheat and packaged to high standards, it is also rich in nutrients and filling designed to give you value for money.

Like the pasta, it can be served alone with assorted beef, spicy chicken, lobster, and shrimps or you can serve it along with other party staples.

  1. Golden Penny Ball Foods

These need no introduction as they are already every party guest’s favourites.

If you’ve never made or eaten the Golden Penny Semovita on any occasion then we can’t trust your food judgment, sorry. Add the Goldenvita and Masavita to your menu and you have the perfect food options to satisfy your guests’ cravings.

The Golden Penny Semovita and Goldenvita are rich in vitamins and proteins and also rich in fibre to aid digestion. While the Masavita is a wholesome maize grits meal that guarantees all-day energy.

What’s more? All these food options are quick and easy to prepare so no stress at all while hosting your guests!

  1. Golden Penny Flour
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Pies, puff puff, and cakes are certified party starters and finishers. These are a must-serve at your occasion to keep mouths moving and the belly happy.

It’s no secret that when it comes to flour production, Flour Mills of Nigeria (FMN) take the lead. So, if you want superior quality flour for your party confectionaries and baking needs, you already know where to look.

The Golden Penny Prime Flour, Masa Flour, Whole Wheat Flour, Thai Farm, Mai Kwabo Flour, Easy Bake Flour, Noodles Flour, Multipurpose Flour, and Confectionery Flour are a wide range of options you can choose from for your baking needs.

  1. Golden Penny Garri

Although this can be classified under Golden Penny Ball Foods, it deserves a special mention because of the status of garri in Nigerian homes.

While it is popular as a swallow, make no mistake, there are a number of your family and friends who would jump at the option of drinking garri at your function. Add cold water, sugar cubes, groundnut, and fried fish on the side, and you have a potential party favourite.

With Golden Penny Garri, you have an even better garri product that takes quality to the next level with extra crunch and extra swell for a truly fulfilling meal. Golden Penny Garri has no dirt, no dust, and no stones.

With these tasty and nourishing food options, your friends and family will always look forward to attending your events. Try them for your next occasion and be amazed by the effects this will have on your guests and your future parties!

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