2023: PDP Presidential Aspirant, Hayatu-Deen Begs Nigerians For Support, Assures Lasting Solutions To Nigeria’s Challenges, If Elected President

One of the leading Presidential aspirants in the People’s Democratic Party, Mohammed Hayatu-Deen has revealed why Nigerians should vote and support him for President in the forthcoming 2023 general election. Hayatu-Deen while expressing his burning desire to serve his country, Nigeria, many of the challenges confronting the nation in the last six years are as a result of bad leadership.

In an exclusive chat with Zebra News, he said, “Nigeria is arguably going through its most challenging times since the return of democracy in the fourth republic. In the last six years, Nigeria has been through two recessions, the last being in the third quarter of 2020 with a GDP decline of 3.6%, having contracted 6.1% in the second quarter. Although the previous recession can be attributed to the global impact of the COVID 19 pandemic, the recession of 2016 was due to misgovernment and a lack of foresight.”

He went further to say, if nothing is done to savage the ugly situation, the Giant of Africa may be reduce to zero, he then calls for a pragmatic approach. “The challenges are profound, structural, and rapidly compounding due to the ingrained mindset of continuously doing the wrong things and expecting different results. If these bad habits continue unabated, there is no doubt Nigeria will eventually collapse.”

“However, with a clear vision, a robust strategic plan, and unrelenting commitment, Nigeria can demonstrate a turnaround comparable to countries referred to as the East Asian Tigers – Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, and Taiwan. Therefore, to begin this process, there is the need to take a data-driven approach to grow the economy and reposition Nigeria for competitiveness.” He noted.

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On why he wants to serve as President, Hayatu-Deen said his passion to serve as Nigerian President was born out of the fact that, he couldn’t fold his hands and watches a country that has given him so much going down the nought, “I have a burning desire to work with colleagues and public servants all over the country in addressing the obstacles and challenges they face, and take advantage of the immense opportunities available to be innovative, serve the nation and make Nigeria achieve its preeminent position as a superpower not just in possibilities, but in reality”

“I believe that, the public servant is critical to Nigeria’s transformation and that they can outperform expectations just by having someone who can stand up for them as shining stars, I can understand the commitment required to wake up every morning and work in an environment that doesn’t offer the proper infrastructure and support for growth. I know this because I have seen my father do so, serving and contributing to an environment different from his, and then working in such an environment. Furthermore, I understand that these distinguished men and women of the public service do so for the love of family and country. Therefore, it is dishonorable to ignore the contributions of these great men and women who retire with no guarantee of a sustainable pension, for they remain our most undervalued assets.

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