Harnessing Insecurity And Enforcement Of Peace Within The Nigeria Federation

Insecurity has been a major threat to this Nation called Nigeria, as a matter of fact it has resulted into so much fear in the mind of the Citizens and foreign investors.

In 2015 I was excited that former Military President will come to power and stop the major threat to Nigeria security challenges most especially the case of Boko Haram with his experience.

The Boko Haram started their operation in Nigeria in the year 2009, as a result of the Government incapability in curbing the rise of terrorism in Nigeria, there emerges the case of Banditry, Fulani Herders/Farmers crisis.

While the present Government keep mum in addressing the precarious security situation within the Nigeria Federation, it is evident to note that The President of Nigeria has the full control (power) in tackling and curbing insecurity in Nigeria.

You may ask me why!!!!

Power is residence in the President of Nigeria.

According to the Nigeria 1999 constitution Section 14 Subsection 2b, it says the security and welfare of the people shall be the primary purpose of Government, in other words any Government that refuse to fulfill this obligation has failed woefully in it performance.

The state Governors in Nigeria are classified as the Chief Security officer of their state, imagine that position without the full control of a Nigerian Governor over the Police.

Using Magodo Estate police Invasion as a case study, Lagos State Governor his Excellency Governor Babajide Olusola Sanwo-Olu told the police CSP that he (the Governor) is the Chief Security officer of the state and he needs to be in charge of any security issues within his state but the police CSP was ordered into the state by Federal might (power).

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In this case it will be advisable that the president allow each state Governor to be in charge of policing (state police), because it is the Governor that knows the condition of the state, the President can be allowed to checkmate the affairs of security within each state of the Nigeria Federation with help of the National Security Council.

Although one major reason why the issue of state policing is side lined in Nigeria is because some Politicians may be using the Police as agent of thuggery.

That is why the issue of integrity and moderation in Governance needs to come in.

Leadership and Governance in Nigeria needs moderation. Ability to manage state resources (Human and Capital resources) moderately (orderly).

Our leaders needs to be accountable.

There are solution to all Problems ravaging Nigeria. The solution is in the hands of those given the power to manage state resources to navigate the affairs of the state with fairness and Justice (rightful application of the Constitution).

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