Mashy Guest House Raises The Bar Again, Opens A First Class Palm Wine Joint

Mashy guest house under the leadership of Monsour Adeyanju Adeoye aka Y Jay has raise the bar again in entertainment and society when the guest house a subsidiary of Mashy Integrated Concert opened a classy palm wine joint which was the first of its kind in the environment and beyond

“blazing the trail is not new to us, remember we hosted the 50th birthday of Ayo Adesanya last year, which was very loud, and that is what makes us different from other people in the business” begins Monsour Adeboye the Manager of Mashy guess house

“We have hosted artistes like Eddy Remedy, Akpela, Mr. Real (Legbegbe) among others. So when we now talk of adding palm wine joint to our business, people should know we are going to give them the best. You can’t start anything that is not acceptable here in this kind of environment people will not patronized you, that is why we always thrive to be the best in everything we do. And we are opening this joint at a very right time.

This is Valentine period and we are going to give it our best shot and even beyond Valentine. We are going to add the glamour of village to it, the palm wine will not be serve with cup but with calabash and it will be an unforgettable experience for whoever come here to have a taste of our palm wine which is a pure one direct from the source” concludes Monsour, an entertainer per excellence for over 7 years

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