Meet Gapstarline Operations Manager, Roy Princewill, the Great Philanthropist

His name may not be popular in social circles due to his simple lifestyle, but one thing that cannot be taken away from him is his compassion for his fellow man.

Little wonder many always include philanthropist in his name. Welcome to the world of Roy Princewill the founder & Head of Operations at Gap Star Line Limited.

Speaking recently with journalists, the soft-spoken cheer giver explained why he believes philanthropy- private given for public purposes either by individuals, corporations, and foundations is widespread activity

“Scholarship and philanthropy is long standing and can be traced to competing of gift- given, wherein the gift has framed as a case of altrusim , self- interest, or reciprocity , depends on the side one belongs .” He lectured as he further explained why a giver should not expect anything in return which he emphasize differentiates a philanthropist from others

“Much of the resulting scholarship, in the disciplines of anthropology, economics, evolutionary biology, and psychology, has retained a focus on emphasizing actors motivations for the scope and scale of philanthropy. ” Roy Princewill also lectured on sociologists and philanthropy

“Sociologists have entered into the study of philanthropy more recently. They nonetheless have made important contributions to its understanding by drawing attention to the social basis of philanthropy. Sociologts have done so through the study of the micro, meso, and macro-level factors that explain variation in philanthropy, the specification of the institutional and legal arrangements that permit philanthropy,and the delineation of the social contexts that shape the direction and consequences of philanthropy”

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Roy, who has not only supported a lot of charity but has also given out scholarships does all of this behind the scenes so as not to concur to playing to gallery. “I don’t believe in flying my cat. Let my achievements speak for me. That is what I believe philanthropy should be, not a show game”

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