Nigerian Actress Begs Wizkid For Sex


A Nigeria upcoming actress that usually wants to make fame by all means, her name is Uche Okoye. The actress just released a new video professing her undying love for Starboy, Wizkid.

many had thought it was a joke when it was first released until. Uche Okoye in the videos introduces herself as a “sexy lady.

The Nollywood actress” has never hidden her lust for music star, Wizkid. Last time she said she wants him to impregnate her. This time around she is begging Wizkid for sex. She said in the new video she posted:

“I love Wizkid so much and it’s crazy. Wizkid, I’ve got great body. I’m so clean, you will like me, just let’s strike a deal, let’s have sex already and you will like it. I love you so much.”

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