Resign Now You Don’t Have The Strength To Govern Nigeria – Reformed’ APC Reacts To President Buhari’s Planned UK Holiday

The Reformed APC, a breakaway faction of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), has condemned President Buhari’s 10-day holdiay to the UK which was announced yesterday August 1st. The presidency in a statement released said President Buhari will be embarking on a 10-day holiday in the UK starting from August 3rd.

In an interview with Daily Independent, the party’s spokesperson, Kassim Afegbua, asked President Buhari to resign as his age can no longer withstand the rigours of governing of a country like Nigeria. He said the president can no longer continue to hold 180 million Nigerians to ransom over his health.

“We have said it repeatedly that the president should perish the thought of seeking reelection because Nigerians do not have the patience for this back and forth movement. The best thing for President Buhari is to take a deserved rest, travel overseas with members of his family, immediate and extended and go and enjoy like one year with all expenses paid for by the government. He should go and rest and recuperate very well. He should allow us elect a new breed of leadership. The man is not just tired, he is old and no longer strong enough to withstand the rigours of governance in Nigeria. But because power is a crazy aphrodisiac, everybody want to stay put in power even when they know the competence to discharge their responsibility is no longer there. For Buhari, the strength is no longer there and the nation suffers.

Speaking further, Afegbua said.

“You can see it in the widespread insecurity in the country, there is no efficiency in leadership. This country needs a stronger, younger element that can unify us, go around the country and build bridges of understanding and begin the process of healing the wounds in the land. There are wounds in the hearts of people either at the tribal or religious level and it wasn’t like this before. So, we are pained that those who are promoters of Buhari, because of reelection are not honest with Nigerians and they are not patriotic enough to tell the president the truth that his health can no longer carry him and that Nigeria is appearing to be less governed. This country needs a man who is awake when the country is sleeping. We need a man who will walk within the pace of the country and not the country walking at his own pace. One man cannot continue to hold 180 million Nigerians to ransom” he said

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