In an interactive session with Adekanye Mayomi Adeboye Politically known as INEC by one of the media outlets in Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba Akoko, Ondo State, Nigeria, the Student Union Presidential aspirant has reiterated that the Welfare of students is key to attain academic excellence.

INEC stated this in an interview on Monday.

He said: “The position is one of the most important Office in the Union and it’s responsible for safeguarding the academic interests and the welfare of the Students, the welfare of Students as it’s popularly stated is key to attain academic excellence and I believed I have the Requisite Skills to perform Excellently and effectively if Given the opportunity to serve, I am aspiring for the position to agitate, promote and safeguard the interest of Nigerian Students.”

INEC who is currently serving as the General Secretary of faculty Art Students Association, FASA, in the citadel of learning has made his priority if elected to be the security of the students lives.

Also to stop the accidents occurrence within the campus environment.

INEC stated that his mentors are his guardian, while the Students who gives him support are his godfathers.

Base on INEC’s plan for the students if elected as the Student Union President, he stated: “To represent the Interest of Nigerian Students Selflessly.

I’ll engage the school management and make sure that Lectures are recorded and made available to all Students as it’s done in other universities.

When we talk about the Academic interests of the students, we have finding of results getting the appropriate results after Exams. Approval of graduating Students at the appropriate time, through agitations and follow up.

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I’ll ensure steady Electricity as an Aparatus for Academic Achievement. e.g ICT functioning, GST Exams and Students learning especially night classes etc.

We have many things we can run with Electricity in the academic system for example. The laboratory and the library etc.

Secondly I’ll safeguard other welfares of the students if I emerge as the President; there will be an establishment of a report Chanel via: Whatsapp and hotlines and other social media platforms, where Students can easily report Security issues such as theft, Bullying, Robbery and others.

I’ll work in Cooperation with the school Security Agents, the Paramilitaries, the Students Welfare units and other Law enforcement Agencies in our community to ensure proper and formidable Security measures for the interest of Nigerian Students.”

He added: “I discovered that the health center is not up to task and this could endanger the lives of the students whenever they should be attend to, I have a plan of establishing a fundraising and voluntary organization where Philanthropist can come in to contribute voluntarily to the growth and development of the students and there’s this popular saying by Harvey Firestone “the growth and Development of the people is the true calling of a Leader.”. Our Growth and development is dependent on our Academic interests and Welfare as a student and this will be achieve on regular basis and it’ll be a laid down legacy that will be transferred from One Leadership Generation to another.

Not that the Health staffs members are not efficient but they lack Equipments and it’s the equipment that determine the Efficiency of labour.

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On the issue of School Shuttles, I’ll try my best to bring in more shuttles on campus, we can Meet the influential Personalities in the societies who can donate Shuttles for the University.

I’ll also work with the school management and ensures that Restaurants on campus sell foods that caters for all, since The school is an international School with Students from all over the world as it must represent the diverse interest of the students.

“Lastly I can’t do this alone and that’s why my Plans for Nigerian Students is not Personalize, my Plan for Nigerian Students is subjected to the opinion of the Students, as their Chief servant, their opinion will count in my Administration.

I’ll work with all class representatives and School officers in tackling issues affecting the Academic interests and Welfare of all Students.” INEC said.

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