To My Brother And “Successful” Comedian Basketmouth And His Jokes Taken Too Far

Basket Mouth

I had recently come across a Video dubbed “The Interview” by our Isukwuato brother , Bright Onyekwere Okpocha – Basket Mouth.

While I find the video very creative, i must add that it further exposes how detached from reality some of our stars are especially the Parsimonious ones like Bright .

While I also agree that there is room for the PDP led government to do more as no government can successfully solve all the problems of a State, , I find it mendacious and mean to say ours is the worst in Africa even though I know he was joking as Comedians tend to think everything should be materials for their comic reliefs.

While I also think it’s within the right of Mr Bright to call the government out on whatever he considers “His truth” , I think it’s also right we look at his book as A Frontline Entertainer in Africa and ask him what he had done to help the Community where he “Suddenly” claims to hail from.

As a Broadcaster, I have been opportuned to relate closely with lots of entertainers to understand how they see life and know who is giving back to the society be it Overtly or Covertly.

So permit me to ask you, Basketmouth Nwanneukwum, “Who You epp”?.

Recently I led a campaign, seeking for sponsorship and support for a talented rising star from your hometown , Innocent Peters Igboboiyspace . All that boy needed was a little push as he is already gracefully talented and as always, you didn’t come through as always.

In 2020, the world was held to a standstill due to the hydraheaded Covid 19, While the likes of Flavour the Musician, sent relief materials to his Hometown Umunze In Anambra state as well as the Women In Enugu where he was raised , despite being stuck in United States of America at that time, Mr Bright The “Successful” comedian was no where to be found” .

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Flavour could have blamed “the erosion challenge of Umunze” but he didn’t as he further initiated an annual Homecoming Star studded Concert sponsored by popular brands which in turn contributes to economic activities of his hometown putting money in the hands of many!

I would be then forced to ask you “What is Success ” if it doesn’t include service to others ?

I will like to be proved wrong Basketmouth, I would want to ask if it was the “acclaimed bad road” that has withheld you from making stars out of other Abians ?

While I feel very uncomfortable and find it very worrisome and disturbing watching you avoid answering the question bothering on if you have ever visited your hometown , I wish to ask you visit home more often to see the actual state of things and see what you can do for your people, you can borrow a leaf from the Bukuru Jos born footballer, Ahmed Musa who had just blessed his community with an International School.

I do not agree with those who said you chose to demarket your state simply because the Government of the day refused to approve your proposal, I only feel that you have been blessed enough by God to be a Blessing to Other Abians most precisely Ndi Isukwuato.

Nwanneukwum, May this be your turning point!

  - Mrs Francess Olisa-Ogbonnaya (TABIITHA)

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