What Many Don’t Know About My Relationship With Allwell Ademola – Adeniyi Akanni aka Neyoswaggz

Adeniyi Akanni

Adeniyi Akanni also known as Neyoswaggz a Nollywood actor, movie producer, writer, human right activist and entrepreneur who joined the industry 10 years ago has come out to clear airs surrounding his relationship with a female colleague, Allwell Ademola Things didn’t get messy as people thought.

Two people met in the entertainment industry and there was a movie in which we both had to act out a deep romantic scene which was fantastically displayed, although I wasn’t aware I will be playing such a romantic role with her on that set initially we did a smart thing anybody who found himself or herself in such situation would have done. And when the entertainment was over, we moved on to our normal lives.

For anyone who thought anything extraordinary happened, it was a movie except that it played into our personal lives been friends too. I got what I wanted, which was followership and I appreciate the audience for watching. She understood what she was coming into and I understood as well ad professionals. We got the mileage we both wanted and we moved on with our lives.

Few years down the lane, people are still talking about it” begins Neyoswaggz who describes himself as a versatile actor with panache an individual blessed with a persona that is packed with a lot of dedication imbibed with a thirst for arts.

On entertainment industry in Nigeria he said “I am calling for extensive government support to the entertainment industry in Nigeria. While we note the growing government support, much more can be done as an estimated 80% of funding in Nigeria’s entertainment industry still comes from personal funding and from groups within the industry.”On the weirdest thing he has ever have done as an entertainer, he says

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The weirdest thing I have ever done as an entertainer was in a movie shoot where i had to run on the third mainland bridge and jump into the sea although there were grab belts all over me I was reluctant to do that at first but looking into the safety machinations in place i summoned the courage it was very weird I looked into the sea and started having funny dialogue with the sea i told the sea hey sea you know am only just shooting a movie and it’s all fun hey sea I hope you aren’t gonna go wild on the swaggz if I offended you in anyway am sorry” I said this jokingly and braced up for the crazy it was scene such an awkward moment when I went down with the grab belt holding me in a vertical line while I steer at the sea surface scared.”

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