Why I Was Invited To India By One It’s Richest Man – Singer, Skales


Nigerian singer, Skales, has share an India trip experience and some of the things he does that keep him healthy, “What most people do not know about me is that I am a vegetarian. I avoid eating meat to stay healthy,” he said.

The singer, who was recently in India, revealed to Punch that he would never forget his trip to the country. He explained that he was invited to the nation by one of its wealthiest men and that he was wowed by the experience he had there even though he had been to a lot of other countries.

He said, “Last December, my entire team and I were invited by one of the richest men in India. It was monumental to my career and person. We stayed at India’s best hotel, I got to taste the Indian food and experience their dance culture first-hand. It was epic. I remember I made some friends and they actually came from afar just to meet me.

I’m glad they got to meet me because they said that their favorite afrobeat song is ‘Shake Body’. I mean, it was a validation that I was on the right path and that I was certainly making a mark globally. It was a transformational experience.”

The singer, who recently took to his Instagram page to celebrate his girlfriend when they marked the first anniversary of their relationship, further told Punch about his marital plans in the future.

“A while ago, I used to wonder about the possibility of combining marriage or a dedicated love life with my music career. But as time went by, I came to the realization that with the right partner; someone you have true friendship with, marriage may just not be as complicated as I had thought.

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‘‘Right now, I am in a relationship and all I can say about my woman and me is that I’m happy. I’m very happy. When it comes to getting married to her, I believe anything is possible. Life is crazy and I’m really learning that you can never say never; so let’s see. What is meant for me will be for me. I truly believe this. So if it’s meant to be, it will be,” Skales said.

The ‘Temper’ singer used the opportunity to talk about the lapses in the Nigerian music industry as he called on the Nigerian government to help to make the music sector more vibrant.

“I think the government should do more for the sector in terms of regulations and protection. Also, it’s really wild that Nigerians are not able to have direct access to Apple Music or iTunes without a domiciliary account when right now, our music is one of the biggest exports globally.

“African music, particularly Nigerian music, is right now taking over the globe and we’re still struggling to access music. I think government should step in and try to fix this and sort out these issues regarding domiciliary accounts when it comes to streaming services and so on,” he said.

Speaking about his latest project titled ‘Ego’, Skales added, “Ego is a simple melody about working hard and making money.”

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