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The rate at which parents frown at high charges by school owners is alarmingly increasing. Most of these private schools charge parents and guardians of their students for different items they don’t have or offer to the children, including development and entrepreneurship, diction in English, levies without laboratories, materials or tools for practicals. These does not include buying materials for practicals.

These charges put together is twice or three times the tuition fee.

Mr Alex, who was served school fees payment reminder through his son early march 2021, lamented he could no longer afford the ever increasing cost of the school fees and he was already contemplating withdrawing the child to a cheaper school. The situation you found yourself now can be a vexing challenge however withdrawing the child is not what you need, I respond.

“Do not blame these schools owners, they are offering us values which we all need at all cost”.

Are you also borrowing to pay school fees and you are tired of borrowing right now? Are you in a situation similar to that of Alex and you are frustrated? Relax, Before you decide to downgrade your child’s schooling like him, let me take you through how I helped him end high school fees payments problems, without him having to bother himself for school fees anymore.

How did i help him out of this mess? The solution is not far fetched, what anyone in his shoes needs is to consult a financial advisor, a school fees planner to help you plan your child or children’s school fees.

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As an investment consultant, what I did in Alex’s case was that I used my expertise and knowledge to help him design a tailor made school fees plan that allows my client make a onetime commitment and never worry about school ever again. This plan guarantees Yearly payment of your kid’s school fee at the beginning of every session with no restriction to a particular school.

Mr Alex didn’t only liked the offer but also subscribed to it. Today, he is a happy man. he no longer runs helter scatter nor have the tension/fear of developing high blood pressure before paying school fees.

Like Alex, you too can go to bed with your two eyes closed after this onetime school fees payment plan and never pay school fees again till the child graduates.

Have a school fees payment plan for your children today and end late payment, say goodbye to defaulting, save money and probably get a discount.

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