Why I Project Africa In My Music – Orbitz Voice, Germany Based Nigerian Singer

Orbitz Voice

Born Adeyemi Adniyi Adefulire better known as Orbitz Voice is a graduate of Banking and Fiance from the prestigious University of Ado Ekiti. In this exclusive interview with Zebra News, the Chief Executive Officer of Yemi’s House, a Pan-Africanist platform, shared the journey of his life, music career and his quest to study law.

Let’s get to meet you?

Well, my name is Orbitz Voice, I’m a Nigerian, I’ve been living in Germany for, let’s say two decades now, that’s close to 20 years. I’m a writer; I’m a poet, I am just a Pan-Africanist. And I have the love of Africa in my heart.

Tell us about your song “Iro Nla”?

“Iro Nla” basically is all about the lies people tend to you know, tell one another, we tend to impress others to make them feel good, “Iro Nla”, Which is translated to big lie in English, is like, trying to deceive, lie to other people, we need to be truthful to ourselves , that is what the song is all about.

How I started music?

Music has always been a part of me. But you know, sometimes you don’t get to have to really get to explore yourself until it gets to a certain stage. Right from when I was young, I used to sing. But you know, I never took it seriously until last year, when people around me, my producer asked me, why are you not singing, you are very good, you got what it takes. And I just said okay, and that’s how it started.

Orbitz Voice

My genre of music?

My kind of music is Afro jazz. Because if look at it. I mean, most African contemporary music, emanated from Afro-Beat because basically all of the sound comes from instruments you know, and from each instrument, you derive a melody. So basically, everything is from Afrobeat. So, that is the music I believe, cut across boarders in Nigeria and Africa. My music is informative, educative, entertaining and full of energy.

My music is poetic, it depend on how you can relate with it, if you say its political, fine, if you say, its social, marital, it’s alright, “Iro Nla” is a song with all sides of message, you decide your perspective.

How often do you visit Nigeria?

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I am close to home, I don’t stay far from home, I visit Nigeria almost every year, sometimes, every month, so you see, and I am a homely boy. I am a proud Yoruba boy, the love of Africa sinks deep in me.

How do you hope to break into the Nigeria market, considering the high competition in the industry?

Well you see, I am not competing with anybody, I am in this music thing to create my own style with Afro-Jazz, I understand, life is all about competition but you see, when you create your own path, that is what set you apart, and that is exactly what Orbitz stands for, and I must also make you understand that, this is not about money for me. I am passionate about music. There is a record of been passionate about things in my family, my mum for instance, retired from the civil service, until her retirement, she was dedicated to her job, the same thing goes to my late uncle, Gani Fawehinme, you all know how dedicated he was to his calling, while he was alive. So you see, its not about the money for me, its about passion, even before I started singing, I already have a Pan African platform. I have done documentaries on several humanitarian activities, some of which include refugees.

Orbitz Voice

Are you open for collaboration?

Most definitely, I am open for anyone who wishes to collaborate with me, as long as you are passionate as I am, as long as you have the same vision with me, I am open for such talents.

Why did you chose an election year to drop your song, “Iro Nla”, is it political?

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It was never political. The issue is this, I’m a pan Africanist. Africa is my passion. And I see like, being over here in Europe, I have my own companies, I have done a lot. And I see that as long as we keep thinking. As long as you keep running away from what is disturbing us in Africa, we will never move forward. I will say running is not a solution to a problem. Rather, you have to embrace the problem and write and I just think, Okay, let me let me do my own quarter for humanity, and if this is a way of hearing my voice, then let me pass it out. It’s not been political. If you listen to some part of that song. You will hear where I said some words that doesn’t have anything to do with being political, which is just, you know, this is something that happens in all ramifications of life. And I just tried to use it in my music. So that’s why I said it’s poetic, everybody lies.

Producer, Randy’s work relationship with the artiste, Orbitz Voice?

Orbitz Voice is a great guy, a very talented and creatively passionate. Working with him has been good. We work Online, and mostly maybe when he’s around. I will describe our work relationship as fantastic. And for the song, “Iro Nla”, it’s a great song with very positive message and vibe, a song that focus on the realities going on in our society.

Orbitz Voice on his educational background and growing up?

I happen to be born to a home where I grew up with love. You know, I lost my father at a very tender age. But I my mom happened to be the best mother in the world. She gave me the best education in the world. I went to a private university in Nigeria. I moved to Germany and decided to further my education, I have a very good record on the German education.

My relationship with late Gani Fawehinmi?

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Late Gani Fawehinmi happens to be my uncle, my maternal grandfather, late high chief Lodugba Olofinshawe, he was the one that raised him up, I knew Gani Fawemi’s mother, she used to come over to our house, everybody can attest to this, because the Olofinshawe’s and the Fawemi’s are still very close till now.

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