ANN Unreserved Message Of Goodwill Resonates As Muslim Faithfuls In Nigeria Celebrate Ed-el-Kabir

As Muslim faithful in Nigeria celebrate Eid-el-Kabir this season with their counterparts all over the world, it became a point of call for us as a forward-looking party to adopt the lessons of this season to relentlessly pursue the good of the people by being an excellent example of love, dedication, selflessness and sacrifice as demonstrated by Prophet Ibraheem.

There is no better time in this nation than now, that the message of Eid-el-Kabir should characterize all our actions and inactions as a people because the job of a new Nigeria is the job of every Nigerian. However, we must fully participate in ensuring that we are being led by a vision-driven, sincere and focused leadership.

The message of Ed-el-Kabir might sound too simple and basic for some of us, but it is what we need now. It takes a true love for one’s nation to stand for what is right when it is not the popular opinion around you. It takes dedication to continue to believe in this nation in the face of obscurity and to continue to contribute one’s quota towards her greatness. It takes genuine selflessness and sacrifice to contribute meaningfully to a nation you cannot really be proud of yet.

So we call you fellow Nigerians today, regardless of your religion, class, tribe, political affiliation or gender, to come together and let us imbibe the message of love for each other, love for our nation, charity, peace-making, dedication to a worthy cause that will benefit all Nigerians, and make the necessary sacrifice to bring about a new Nigeria we all dream of. I urge you to take out time this holiday to demonstrate these virtues, reach out to at least one person in need, remember the underprivileged amongst us, and beyond the holiday let us live in the consciousness of the message of Ed-el-Kabir everyday.

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And as we look towards 2019 elections, let these virtues guide us in birthing a new Nigeria. A new Nigeria is possible if we all come together to ensure we live the virtue of love for Nigeria, dedication to nation-building, with a selfless and sacrificial attitude towards our fatherland.

Now is the time to reflect on how we can bring the ideals and virtues of our religious beliefs to shape positively our resolution of the many challenges facing us as a people, especially the pitiful herdsmen menace. And as a forward-looking party, we promised to deliver beyond your expectations of our party as we move closer to the elections in 2019, in birthing the nation of our dream.

It is possible only when we decide and do the necessary work. We must ensure by voting and being voted for, we must ensure that our vote count. However, the first step is getting your PVC, it is the starting point towards the future we desire. Taking up that responsibility today is what will guarantee a better Nigeria for us and our children.

We wish all our Muslim brothers and sisters Barka de Sallah, and we felicitate with all Muslim faithful who successfully performed the Hajj this year. May the blessings of Allah (SWT) fill your lives with happiness, success and fulfilment as we march forward to a new Nigeria. Happy Eid-El-Kabir.

Akinloye Oyeniyi
National Publicity Secretary
Alliance for New Nigeria (ANN)

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