When Engr Dr. Funmi Ayinke Hosts Mr Nigeria International, Ajewole Emmanuel In Abuja

The path to greatness is about great associations. Engr. Dr. Funmi Ayinke is one-of-a-kind and indeed a person of virtue. The quintessential philanthropist accepted the request of the Mr. Nigeria International team for a courtesy visit and made it a point of duty to be responsible for the hospitality of the team for the days spent in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja.

On Day one of the visit, the Mr. Nigeria International (MNI) team was warmly received by Dr Funmi Ayinke’s team at Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport in Abuja.

The team was conveyed in an escort to the hotel location on journey which took about one-hour. The Mr. Nigeria International team settled into the hotel to prepare for the first event of the day.

Engr. Dr. Funmi Ayinke was not on seat this particular evening however the MNI team was treated with utmost hospitality as they were welcomed with a delicacy from Engr. Funmi Ayinke’s Kitchen. The MNI team was given a tour around the office of Dr. Funmi Ayinke.

This was as an opportunity to meet with the staffs of Funmi Ayinke Nigeria Limited which included;

  1. Mr. Ogundare Timothy Head of Admin
  2. Shehu Zakari Quantity Surveyor (QS)
  3. Lawal Teslim Electrical Engineer
  4. Lawal Adebayo P. R. O
  5. Ijadare Kayode Record Label Admin (F.R.L)
  6. Mr. Olawuyi Lanre Admin Officer
  7. Miss Aduragbemi Heritage Project Manager
  8. Mrs. Ayodele Anuoluwapo Accountant
    9.Mr. Pam Dong Emmanuel Office Assistant.

The MNI team proceeded to the studio of Funmi Ayinke records and it was indeed a pleasure to meet with the Legendary Music artiste Tunde TDot of Styl-plus, and other artistes under the record label – Yung mela (Obekpa Moses), Conffygold (Bamiduro Odunayo), Minstrelchux (Nwokukwu Chukwudi). The team had a good time in the studio and it was said that both parties might meet the following fay to create good music. The day ended with lots of laughs and good conversation, the MNI team were ushered back to their hotel to have a great evening relaxation.

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The MNI team retreated after for full preparation for Day 2.

Day two started blissfully as super woman Engr. Dr. Funmi Ayinke herself was on seat to receive the team. The MNI team was seated at the reception ready to be attended to while the Patron walked-in in her beautiful White top and Red Palazzo pant trouser looking dazzling as ever. It was a blessing indeed as coincidentally a large percentage of the team were wearing white also.

The delectable super woman, Dr. Engr Funmi Ayinke received the MNI warmly with full arms stretched wide. Coincidentally, the Rector of Ilaro polytechnic, Architect Aluko, and his management team were also present on this day to meet in person with Engr. Dr. Funmi Ayinke. It was a great opportunity to for the MNI team to meet with these guests and have their blessings as well.

The MNI team went ahead to present the Award of excellence to the great humanitarian Dr. Engr. Funmi Ayinke for her contributions to the lives of youth and to the society at large. She was elated and expressed her excitement as the presentation was carried out by Mr. Nigeria international and asked for the Rector and his team to join helped with this presentation.

The team went ahead to present other branded items to the Engr. Dr. Funmi Ayinke and she received them with much excitement. This was followed with the presentation of Mr. Nigeria International proposal of support for the Ecuador trip for Mr. and Miss. Ultracontinental.

She made a joke of “AJE” coming to visit her, which represented the initials of Mr. Nigeria International and Miss. Nigeria International Culture. She declared her support and took responsibility for a section of the proposed budget. The whole team leaped for Joy and expressed excitement over this information. A co-engineer in practice and Managing Director of one of the leading construction firms in town also promised to support a section of the trip to Ecuador for the Mr. and Miss. Ultracontinental competition.

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She also promised to actively partner the initiative of Mr. Nigeria International 2021/2022 the Make-A-Difference initiative (M.A.D) through her humanitarian foundation “Funmi Ayinke Humanity foundation”.

Dr. Engr. Funmi Ayinke ushered the MNI team to the studio and the team spent the rest of the afternoon making good music that was recorded and mastered by the legendary Tunde Tdot.

The MNI team retreated to the hotel to prepare for the dinner hosted and planned by Engr. Dr Funmi Ayinke and her despicable team. To grace this dinner is the maestro musician, Jaywon, Yung mela, Conffygold, Minstrelchux, Tunde Tdot, and all staff of the Funmi Ayinke Nigeria Limited.

The dinner started out beautifully as the table was set and all kinds of cuisines were made available. The MNI team and staffs of the Funmi Ayinke Nigeria Limited were jollying to the songs of Yung mela and Conffygold of Funmi Ayinke records.

The patron in her regal walked in and joined in jollying with the team before taking her seat at all. While dancing was going, the Legendary Jaywon also put up a beautiful performance which made everyone put on their dancing shoes.

We saw a performance of Engr. Dr. Funmi Ayinke, Jaywon, and Tunde TDot of their own song titled “I can make it” and “Obirin” remix respectively. on the team presented a framed photo of Engr. Dr Funmi Ayinke. Again, she was excited and everyone in the team and all staffs took pictures with the woman with a heart of gold.

The team retreated to the hotel to prepare for departure the next morning. The courtesy visit to Engr. Dr. Funmi Ayinke was indeed a success and the MNI team is grateful for the hospitality and ever-loving support of the great humanitarian and her team.

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