Buhari Fibbed, We Go Around With Arms And Ammunition, Says Fulani Herdsman

A Fulani herdsman has dropped a bombshell with his revelations that they possess arm and ammunition, proving the Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari wrong, after he had already established that the herdsmen don’t have access to harmful objects beyond cutlass and their sticks to aid their flocking.

Buhari maintained this standpoint in his bilateral talk with the United States President Donald Trump in Washington DC on April 30.

“The problem of herders in Nigeria is a very long historical thing. The Nigerian herders don’t carry anything more than a stick and occasionally a machete to cut down foliage and give it to their animals, these ones are carrying AK-47”, he said answering to a question thrown at him.

On the contrary, Ahmad Salkida, a investigative journalists had an exclusive interview with one of the leader of Fulani herders, whose name was later discovered to be Jauro Buba, although he claimed his name was Sarkin Yaki.

He gave a mind blowing assertions behind the crises in Northern part of Nigeria.

In the audio recording exclusively obtained by the independent journalist, Buba mocked their victims particularly the community chiefs in Bachama kingdom around Numan in Adamawa state for their vulnerability, and helplessness before his gallant warriors. He dismissed the civilian communities as inconsequential faced with the ruthless wrath of his militiamen, that
stood no chance of defending their people or even repelling his militiamen. “Excuse, Sarakunan Bachama Ina Sallama Gare ku,” said the self confessed Sarkin Yaki and commander of the Fulani Herdsmen Militia.

The independent journalist published his report on his website, Salkida.com.

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In Buba’s confession, the herdsmen have taken his campaigns to communities in Adamawa and environs which include Numa, Kikan, Safaran, Lauro, Dom, Bemti, Balahin, Wurdi, Ngamaldio, Geme, Dumusu, Bolki, Nega and Mpam.

According to him, victims in these communities were cowards.

“We have over 800 rifles, machine guns; Fulani now have bombs and military uniforms,” he boasted.

Buba was confident to shoulder the blames of insecurity on the Nigerian Army who were seen to have after unconcerned whenever their cattle go missing or wickedly slaughtered.

“We used to be shy of soldiers, but whenever we are killed or our cows are stolen, soldiers don’t come to us,” Buba declares, warning that his people “are no longer afraid of soldiers now that they have taken sides with their enemies.”

Fulani herdsman militia leader also gave an insight on the circumstances that aggravated into the violence in the North between Farmers and their herders.

“A result of one herdsman who was praying and his cow(s) strayed into the farmland of a villager, and the farmers pursued the cow back to the herd and met the herdsman still saying his prayers. The farmers attacked the Fulani man, with charms that made him unhurt by the attempts to hack him to death. The Fulani man wrestled one of the attackers and stabbed him to death. The following day, the Fulani community nearby was attacked, killing scores and burning down the village”, he narrated.

Furthermore, he accused another village he considered complicit in the war against the Fulanis as Kikan in Adamawa, where according to him, “Fulani children and women were hacked to death, and their cows were either killed or taken away, their houses and properties in that village were burnt down.”

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Addressing his anger towards the Bachama chiefs, Buba vented his anger establishing: “You went further to say, every single Fulani should leave Bachama kingdom, not only Fulanis, you said all Muslims too. So, I want to ask you where is it in the constitution that only one tribe can live and co-exist in a particular place? Which religion states that only one ethnic group can stay and live a community?”

Sources disclosed to Salkida that Buba lives in the border community between Benue and Cross River state, and was alleged to be responsible for attacks in Benue, Adamawa, Taraba states within this year.

Meanwhile, Buba dismissed media speculations that related the motivation for their targeted attacks to President Buhari’s administration.

“Did anyone banish the Fulanis from anywhere or killed them as it is the case today?” He claimed that attacks against the Fulanis escalated only during this administration, hence their decision to take up arms at a large scale. The notorious mass murderer who has curiously evaded security tracking equally dismissed links with Boko Haram elements in their fold.

However, investigations reveal facts that contradict his claims. The Global Terrorism Index classification of the Fulani herdsmen militia as the fourth deadliest terrorist group in the world was made in 2014, about a year before President Buhari came to office.

Salkida maintained that his investigations established that at the height of Boko Haram onslaught was in 2014, 2015 and 2016 and there were no less than 500 Fulani fighters in Boko Haram.

In fact, dozens out of this number had climbed to privilege commander positions within the insurgency. Informed sources, state that although Boko Haram is not officially fighting on behalf of the Herdsmen Militia, they were neither opposed to their campaigns nor antagonistic to their objectives.

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Buba was at liberty to release his official mobile phone number to the journalist as: 08149123223.

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