International Youth Day: The Lawful Roles Of Youths In National Electioneering By Pst. Akingbohungbe Oluwadara Temidayo

As today marks the International Youth Day, it is expedient for everyone, most especially the Youths to note that adherence to the law of the land is a pathway to National Upliftment and productivity.

It is the actions of any Nations Citizenry that determine the outcome of development within the Nation or other way round.

As a matter of fact, Nigeria as a case study, the vast exorbitant majority of Nigeria’s population constitute the Youth. The strength of any Nation or society is in the Youth.

Nigeria Youth must come to the realization that the destiny of this Nation is embedded in them, therefore the Youth needs to be properly nurtured.

There are many platforms within the Nation for the Youth to be able to exercise their civic responsibilities, however the Youth ought to utilize those platform judiciously.

The Youth shouldn’t be used as victims of lawlessness, rather they must be seen as agent of transformations. If only the Youth of any Nation most especially the Youth of Nigeria can channel their strength to the right course, there will be stability and order within each Nations.

Most times when investigation is being carried out we realize that most victims of crime constitute the young force (Youth).

If the Youth are properly nurtured and great attention is given to them by the Government, whereby policies of each government of the world are friendly to the Youth then we can experience the desired good life as a Nation.

Any Nation in which her Citizenry are lawless will experience backwardness, most especially in a Nation like Nigeria in which the vast exorbitant majority of the Citizens are Youth.

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As 2023 Elections draws near, it has been estimated that Majority of the registered voters by the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC constitute the Youth, in this case, there needs to be a formidable force from the Youth.

The power of this Nation and any Nation is embedded in the Youth, therefore the Youth needs to be wise and make the right choice that will secure their old age.

Making the right choice connote not being use as agent of thuggery by Men who are desperate for power and blood thirsty.

The Youth needs to reason together and cast their vote to the right candidate whose antecedent and Manifestos is worthy of National growth and development.

National growth in the aspect of increase in number of industries and investment while National development is evidence in the quality of life of the Nations citizens.

The collective interest of the Youth must be adherence to the law of the land and ensure peaceful coexistence.

What Are The Lawful Roles Of Youths In National Electioneering?

The first point is that the Youth must present a candidate with Vision not Ambition. Vision means seeing the way forward to the Nations dilemma ahead while ambition is when someone is driven to be in the position by force.

The second point is that the Youth must present someone who is law-abiding. I’m sure that is self explanatory. The candidate must be someone who is adhering strictly to the law of the land.

The third point, the Youths must be cautious of their actions and inactions in public declaration of their candidate. There are rules of engagement in every polity.

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The fourth point, the Youth needs to shun useless propaganda in promoting their candidate.

The fifth point, the Youths needs to present someone who understands the plight of the Nation. It is understanding that makes outstanding remarks.

Adherence to all these will result in greater productivity for us as a Nation.

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