[Interview] President Buhari Has Neglected The Spiritual Aspect Of His Government – Dr Success Ibeakanma

Abia State Born Dr. Success O. Ibeakanma, A Graduate Of University Of Calabar, The General Overseer Of Royal Choice Ministries Talks About His Just Concluded 13th Anniversary And The State Of The Nation In this interview with Zebra News


Can we meet you sir? 

I am Dr Success O. Ibeakanma, popularly known as ‘The prophet of Result’ The senior pastor of Royal Choice Ministries [ The wealthy place] Alapere Ketu Lagos. Married to Faith Ibeakanma with three Children. Royal Choice Ministries started thirteen years ago, August 27th 2005.


What is The Mandate or Vision Of Your Ministry?

God called me to make His people rich, retain their wealth and give hope to the hopeless at all levels.


What Is Your Area of Calling?

My area of calling is deliverance and open door. You can call it prosperity. I touched every area I believe in totality of the gospel.


How Do You Handle Criticism?

Silent. You don’t talk, you don’t fight. When someone is talking, or writing against you and you never say a word, the person will be tired.


What Has Life Taught You Over The Years?

Humility. Don’t fight back. Don’t get angry when people are criticizing you, when they are criticizing you, they are advertising you. When men begin to mock you, that is when God will be provoke to make you.


What Are You Celebrating Today?

We are celebrating our 13th years anniversary, we are celebrating God’s faithfulness to us and our beloved once within this 13 years God has done so much that we cannot say it all.


What Prompted the Theme Of This Year’s Anniversary?

God spoke to me at a point I was thinking about all he has done for us then I began to minister to him, I heard God’s voice clearly that the 13th anniversary theme shall be called PRAISE AND WORSHIP that we should all praise him in this ministry returning all his glory back to him through praise and worship


How will you describe years passed in ministry?

It’s been God we began this ministry 28th  of August 2005 in a primary school room, we were not there up to a year before we got a ware house after then we bought a land where we are presently, we almost sold this land to get another one, but God told me not to sell the land that this is a land of promise, I told the church we will build the church building in 1 year and 8 months, then we were having only ₦15,000 in the church account, God provided we bought another land at the back then we were able to build the two lands in 1 year and 8 months when I said it so many people thought I was mad, that how can we buy and build in one year. and 8 months, I remember I said to them we were not only going to be building in 1 year and 8 months we will be buying more houses for expansion, God has helped us to buy a building close to us with this you will see reasons or understand why God wants us to praise and worship him. When we came to Alapeere the people here said no church that comes to this area succeeds but today they are all surprised of what they are seeing they said is this normal, so many of them said something is behind these, my response to them is what is behind all they see is Jesus Christ who is fully behind us. It has been all about Jesus, this is the reason we have come to praise that Same Jesus that has provided for us.


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Within this 13 year was there any time you were tired of ministry?

I have never been tired of ministry or should I say I have never regretted serving Jesus Christ. I have never seen any thing better than Jesus, I gave my live to Jesus 1991 from that day till now I have no regret giving my life to him I have passed through different challenges within this time, I mean difficult challenges that can make many drop their bible, but I asked my self a question when it was getting more difficult if I drop my bible what else do I know that is better than the bible (JESUS CHRIST) I have never regretted coming into ministry, I had the best grade in school before going to university I bought my first car, I was in money I was not a failure before God called me to come and serve as a priest to carry his message to the four corners of the earth, I left all and followed Jesus. Ministry is been challenging but we are changers of challenges, I remember the major challenge when I was to marry my wife after my one year in ministry, the family of my wife said how could my wife marry a man that does not have a car but my wife said to her family that she is not getting married to a car but she wants to get married to success. The story has changed I have given more than 76 cars to people as gift over 42 peoples has passed through our scholarship, we have given out keke maruwa and bike out to lots of people in other to support them and money to support in house rentage to mention but a few.


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Sir, we saw how you provided money for a member of your church for house rentage. The

Yes, it has become a regular thing we do in this ministry we have sent so many people abroad we have provided house for many we take care of orphans the widows among us can testify to how we have been supportive in all areas, God gave me an assignment with a grace to retain people’s wealth and we give hope to the hopeless at all levels.


If not ministry what else will you have been doing

If not ministry, I would have not been doing anything outside ministry, before now I was an Evangelist that as been in the field of ministry, when I received the call to become a pastor, I refuse for a very long time, I cannot see or imaging myself doing something else outside ministry, all my whole life has been in ministry.


What is your advice for growing churches?

I will advise them to look unto God not to look for another shorter court, if you are patient enough to wait on God, every Church must know that anything outside God will result to trouble, there is a collateral for anything that is not God, so wait on God, it does not matter what you are going through, when it looks like God is coming late, that means his coming heavy.


How would you describe the state of the nation?

If you remember when the government was coming in, they told us they are going to be fixing so many things in a few months, people said the present government lied to us, no they did not lied to us, it was in their heart to do us well, they met well for us, the true is that they came thinking that it was going to be easy, they were looking at it from the economical which is the physical area, they look for solution to the trouble facing the country, they got the physical expertise, but neglected the spiritual, the spiritual controls the physical, the government is working, but I tell you no government can perform well without spiritual means, this was what happen in United State, where Hillary Clinton has everything, she has the upper class and both the lower class, almost everybody In the world believed Hillary Clinton will win the United State President position, but she neglected the spiritual, but Donna Trump went to the church, knowing fully well that the church has the majority, so he got the position. APC government is doing everything in their power to fix thing up in the country.


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Do you mean the only way out for Nigerians is through Spiritual?

Yes, as they are working physically they should not neglect the spiritual also.


What is your message for Nigerians?

Nigerians should not lose hope they should pray for the country, when APC government first came into power, things where very hard for Nigerians, because of Mr President’s policy, but now things are getting better than when he first came into power.


Do you see President Buhari coming back to power in 2019?

That is in the hand of God, if God speaks to me concerning such I will tell Nigerians, I am only the mouth Piece of God, when he speaks to that area I will surely tell Nigerians, for now it is in the hand of God not man.

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