Apostle Suleman at New Year Opening Crusade: “Shut Your Ears To Negativity”

“We live in a negative leaning world; situations or circumstances lead to us being either positive or negative. But you are the person that decides, choices that you make will open up the door of your mind either to God or the devil”, servant of God and General Overseer of the Omega Fire Ministries (OFM) worldwide, Apostle Johnson Suleman, declared to worshippers at the ministry’s first outreach in the new year, 2024, which was held at Uromi, Edo State.

You must shut yours ears to negativity, the famous preacher warns, adding that “you must make an inner choice, because where the battle is, is the mind. Everybody wants your mind, trying to plant seeds in the garden of your mind. So, choose wisely what you open your ears to.”

Apostle Suleman, at the new year service, prophesied for souls that have for many years heard prophecies over their life every new year but passed through each year without fulfillment. He delivered the message thus; “The Lord says to tell you, 2024 is different. It shall be the most outstanding year of your life. Don’t listen to negativity this year. The anointing that makes this year easy comes upon you right now.”

According to the ‘Restoration Apostle’, the words of the godly are a life-giving fountain. But the words of the wicked conceal negativity. We must be careful not to allow our consent to become an instrument for the wicked. Negative energy can crush positive energy. A negative thought, comment or action is very good at destroying good things and making someone or something fail. Therefore, close your ears to negativity of all forms.

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“Continue to fend off the negativity that pushes against you. Evil people follow only their egos and desires, doing whatever it takes to attain their goals, leaving behind a long trail of negativity, pain and destruction. Lending your ears to such negativity takes a heavy toll on your spirit. Negativity is a killer. Negativity will kill your present life and any chance of a future fulfilling life. The wicked mouth is used by the wicked one to kill the vision and mission of children of God. But the only way to overcome the spirit of negativity is to transform our minds,” counsels the servant of God.

Apostle Suleman says, transforming our minds starts by giving our day to God, remembering what God has done and is doing in our life and listening to what God wants from us. By that, he affirms, God will begin changing us from the inside and then lift us up on the outside by giving back to us what sins have taken away from us.

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