Democratizing Digital Payments: How ErrandPay Provides Low-Cost POS Solutions for MFBs and Fintech Founders

Ajibola Awojobi

In an era when digital payments are rapidly transforming the financial landscape, Ajibola Awojobi chose to innovate with technology that, rather than competing with, supports existing players because he believes that overcoming cost barriers and unlocking potential in Nigeria’s Fintech is best accomplished through strategic partnerships.

ErrandPay is a technology-driven financial solutions provider that is empowering microfinance banks (MFBs) to maximize their potential by offering affordable Point of Sale (POS) solutions. With a solid network of partnerships with leading banks in Nigeria and licensed payment processing partners, Ajibola’s ErrandPay aims to alleviate the stress of innovation, slow time-to-market, and the management of stakeholders that often hinder founders and MFBs from embracing digitalization and reaching their full capabilities.

In terms of what distinguishes this innovation, Ajibola stated that “one of the critical factors driving ErrandPay’s success is its strong relationships with the leading banks in Nigeria.” These partnerships enable ErrandPay to leverage the expertise and infrastructure of established financial institutions, ensuring the stability and reliability of their POS solutions. By collaborating with these industry leaders, ErrandPay can deliver cutting-edge technology, secure transactions, and seamless integration to MFBs and anyone who wished to start a payment company, without the need for significant upfront investment or technical complexities.

Furthermore, ErrandPay’s strategic partnerships with Nigeria’s leading banks and licensed payment processing partners enable us to provide unrivalled support and resources to microfinance banks,” said Nihinlola Adeyemi, COO at ErrandPay.

“We understand the challenges faced by most financial institutions, and our core mission is to remove barriers and provide innovative solutions that enable them to offer digital payment services effortlessly.”

At its core, ErrandPay is a technology company driven by a passion for simplifying the digital payments landscape. Recognizing the common myth in the Nigerian tech ecosystem that many companies are building similar solutions and replicating efforts, ErrandPay takes a different approach. Instead of playing catch-up, ErrandPay focuses on pioneering solutions that truly address the specific needs of microfinance banks.

ErrandPay’s commitment to innovation goes beyond simply offering its technology in affordable POS solutions. The company aims to keep pushing boundaries and developing new technologies that empower MFBs and fintech founders to offer digital solutions on POS devices. By staying ahead of the curve, our solution ensures that its partner, MFBs can provide their customers with the latest features, enhanced security, and a seamless payment experience.

The myth of replication and catch-up in the Nigerian tech ecosystem is something we actively challenge at ErrandPay. Our responsibility is to continually build and innovate, enabling MFBs and financial tech entrepreneurs to leverage cutting-edge technology and unlock new opportunities for growth and financial inclusion.” Stated Ajibola

ErrandPay’s affordable POS solutions, coupled with its strategic partnerships and commitment to innovation, are transforming the way microfinance banks operate and serve their customers. By democratizing digital payments, ErrandPay is breaking down barriers, enabling MFBs and tech entrepreneurs to expand their services, reach underserved communities, and contribute to the financial inclusion journey in Nigeria.

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