Northern Senators disagree as Senate Proposed bill to Prohibit Open Grazing.

In what seems to be a move towards addressing the perennial herder-farmer conflicts in Nigeria, the Senate has recently advanced a bill to ban open grazing in the country. This development has stirred up mixed reactions, particularly among Northern Nigeria Senators who are known for their strong support of the traditional practice of open grazing.

The bill, which passed for second reading on Wednesday, seeks to not only outlaw open grazing but also establish a national agency for the regulation and management of ranches in the country. This move is seen as a step towards modernizing the livestock management practices in Nigeria and mitigating the conflicts that have arisen as a result of open grazing.However, some Northern Nigeria Senators have raised objections to the bill, citing concerns about the impact it could have on the livelihoods of pastoralists in their region.

They argue that open grazing is a centuries-old practice that is deeply ingrained in the culture and traditions of many communities in the North, and that banning it outright could have adverse consequences.Despite these objections, the Senate has proceeded to advance the bill, signaling a shift towards more sustainable and modern methods of livestock management in Nigeria. The establishment of ranches as a more structured and regulated alternative to open grazing is seen as a more environmentally friendly and economically viable option for the country.

The bill has also been welcomed by various stakeholders and advocacy groups who view it as a necessary step towards addressing the clashes between herders and farmers that have claimed countless lives and caused significant damage to property in various parts of the country. By regulating and managing ranches, the bill aims to create a more peaceful coexistence between herders and farmers, while also promoting sustainable agricultural practices.

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The advancement of the bill to ban open grazing in Nigeria is a significant development that has both elicited support and opposition from various quarters. While some Northern Nigeria Senators may disagree with the bill, it is important to recognize the need for more sustainable and modern methods of livestock management in the country. As the bill progresses through the legislative process, it is hoped that a balance can be struck between preserving traditional practices and adopting more contemporary approaches to livestock management.

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