School Children Pay Heartwarming Tributes To Ugwuanyi. Say Barr. Peter Mbah Is The Only One Who Won’t Make Them Feel Ugwuanyi’s Absence In Enugu

The beautiful children of Enugu State have composed an emotional tribute to Rt. Hon. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi as his tenure gradually comes to an end as the Governor of Enugu state.

In a one minute and fifty five seconds video that is currently trending online, two brilliant kids could be heard questioning each other on what their fate would be, when Ugwuanyi eventually leaves office in 2023.

The two smart kids ended their tribute by saying; Barr. Peter Ndubisi Mbah is the only one they have confidence in, that can sustain the current energy, peace and development in Enugu State.

In their words;

“As his Excellency, Rt. Hon. Dr. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi’s uncommon leadership style gradually comes to an end in office in 2023 and as it ushers in a new political dispensation, we are moved to ask; “Who will give us unfiltered access to Enugu Government house and guarantee a sense of belonging for Ndi Enugu like Governor Ugwuanyi has given in the last seven years?”

They further asked; “Who will condescend to visit us, condone and console us when we are in distress? Who will sustain the peace and security we are currently enjoying in Enugu State in these days of increased insecury? Who will be welcoming and accommodating, and will not stop us from coming to him, whenever we want to?”

“Who will dance like David, and constantly give us that alluring and re-assuring smile that all will be well? Who will give the Youths and the Women the inclusion in Government platforms like Gburugburu? Who will be so meek, tolerant and humble, that anyone can meet him anytime, or anywhere at will?”

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“Who will like Jesus taught us, allow the children, rich and poor come to him as his custom is? Who will pay our parents salary on the 25th of every month as Gburugburu does? Who will open up the rural areas and maintain the urban cities for equity and fairness in Government?”

“Who will allow us to protest and excercise our freedom of expression, when we are dissatisfied with his government like Gburugburu has always done? Now the search has begun, who will the cap fit? They ended by saying that Barr. Peter Mbah is about the only candidate who posseses all the qualities they are looking for in who will succeed Gov. Ugwuanyi. They thereafter endorsed and anointed Peter Mba as the governor of Enugu state come 2023. They however appreciated and adored Governor Ugwuanyi for his uncommon humane leadership, assuring him that with Daddy Peter, his legacies must continue.

Barrister Peter Ndubisi Mbah is one of the leading Governorship candidates in Enugu state, contesting under the platform of the ruling party, The People’s Democratic Party, PDP. A technocrat who is ready and willing to serve his people through passion, commitment and dedication. Simply put; Barr. Peter Mbah is the perfect man for the job.

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