Double Persecution: Felix Ngole on The Slab For His Anti-Gay Views by Tony Ademiluyi (EXPERT OPINION)

Felix Ngole! Remember him? For those who don’t, he innocently tweeted some years ago that marriage was between one man and one woman. For telling the truth, he was expelled as a postgraduate social work student at the Russell Group University of Sheffield. He was to spend a few years in a long-drawn court battle and was finally re-admitted and allowed to graduate to the delight of the global conservative community.

Like the phoenix, his troubles aren’t clearly over as his past has caught up with him.

Lifesite News reports that A Christian healthcare worker is taking legal action after his job offer was withdrawn as he publicly opposes homosexuality.

This week, Felix Ngole, represented by the Christian Legal Centre, will challenge the Leeds Employment Tribunal for withdrawing a job offer at the Wakefield Hospital in West Yorkshire, England upon learning that he opposes homosexuality based on articles found online.

“In particular, we can see that you have very strong views against homosexuality and same sex marriage, which completely go against the views of Touchstone, an organisation committed to actively promoting and supporting LGBTQ+ rights,” Touchstone chief executive Kathryn Hart said.

While Ngole was initially offered his “dream job” managing the discharge of patients with mental health conditions, Hart withdrew the offer upon reading articles online about Ngole’s previous legal case.

In 2019, Ngole had challenged his university after he was expelled for posting comments to Facebook upholding marriage and quoting the Bible.

The Court of Appeal ruled in his favor, stating “the mere expression of religious views about sin does not necessarily connote discrimination.”

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During a two-hour meeting, Ngole assured Touchstone that his religious view would never lead to discrimination against a client. However, the healthcare organization chose to reiterate their decision to withdraw the job offer.

Andrea Williams, chief executive of the Christian Legal Centre, said in a statement, “Telling an employee that they must ‘embrace and promote’ homosexuality as a condition of employment sets a dark and troubling precedent.”

“If left unchallenged, it would see Christians who manifest their beliefs barred from working in the NHS and other institutions,” she warned.

Ngole himself condemned the discrimination, saying, “It is untenable for employers to be allowed to discriminate against Christian beliefs in this way and to force individuals to promote an ideology that goes against their conscience in the workplace.”

“There was no mutual respect, and no tolerance and inclusion of me and my beliefs whatsoever,” he added. Ngole’s case states that Touchstone violated the Equality Act by discriminating against his religious beliefs.

This is sad as religious liberty is under gargantuan threat by the radical left. Why should freedom – one of man’s most priceless gifts be under threat for espousing right-wing views? Why are the liberals bent on surreptitiously returning the world to a totalitarian state reminiscent of George Orwell’s 1984 which heralded the rise of Big Brother which is now being mercilessly used for nudity and public indecency in the name of entertainment?

Ngole originally from Cameroun already has more than enough troubles and this one is a needless distraction borne out of sheer malice and vindictiveness as the grape vine revealed that the left never forgives and forgets.

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What is happening to Ngole will be the fate of Africans one day if there is no effective push back by the conservatives in Africa. The agenda of the liberals for Africa is to use their minions within the media, education, entertainment, and the polity to amplify their asinine and sinister voice so as to cause chaos on the continent.

The change I am afraid is happening in Africa albeit gradually as billions of dollars have been poured into the propagation of the vile cause. To my shock, some Nigerian clergymen have sold their consciences for a minuscule morsel of bread and chosen the political correctness of conspiratorial silence rather than being unashamedly conspiratorially silent. What do you have to say about the revocation and denial of visas not for any crime but simply for telling the truth in the scathing criticism of the LGBTQ agenda?

In the best interest of Africa, let the ‘harsh’ anti-gay laws remain for culture and morality rather than the economy are the genuine roots of sustainable development never mind its current abused status as it is typical of the gay lobby to hijack big ideas.

With grit and persistence as well as the deft use of money to advance the noble cause, the conservatives will emerge stronger.

The time for African Conservatives to get their hands dirty and get into the trenches is now!

Tony Ademiluyi is the Director, Media & Publicity West Africa for West African Christian Voice Trumpet Call Ministry and is a contributing writer for the Project for Human Development. He can be reached at +2348167677075 and

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