Hillingdon Council spending Peaked in December as West London Waste emerged highest beneficiary in 2020/2021

Hillingdon, the second largest of the 32 London Boroughs is also among the least populated due to presence of large arable land and airstripes. Located in middlesex county, west of London, Hillingdon is home to the popular Heathrow airport.

Every year Hillingdon disburses funds for social services. This report examines the spending between september 2020 to august 2021.

About 75 Directorate were involved in the Hillingdon spend while over 3000 vendors were used for fund disbursement. A total of approximately  ₤471m was spent by Hillingdon council between september 2020 to August 2021.

Approximately 35 percent of spending was done in 2020 while 65 percent was done in 2021
According to data published on Hillingdon Council’s website for services rendered within this period,
West London Waste Authority got the biggest chunk of Hillingdon Council funds spent on social services.

Almost ₤140m, which is approximately 30 percent of the Total allocation went to West London waste. The spending spanned across all the months in review. Assistant Director Adult Social Work had the highest frequency of spend with over 14000 disbursements.

Other notable spending include allocation of ₤1.1m for Legal and court cost including councils fees from september 2020 to August 2021 to several Vendors, grants to several vendors totalling to 15million pounds and 142 thousand pounds spend on advertising packages.

All these spending benefitted several vendors. The data also revealed crucial spendings in other services like health, education, transport, and maintenance among others.

Health services got a huge sum of approximately ₤335m between 2020 and 2021. A further breakdown reveals that while £70m pounds was paid out in 2020, £266m was paid out in 2021 to the health sector.

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Maintenance services got approximately 75 million pounds with 25 million in 2020 and 50 million in 2021.

Monthly spend ranges from ₤32m to ₤50m within the period in review. The lowest monthly spend was recorded in May 2021 at approximately ₤32m pounds while the highest monthly spend was recorded in December 2021 at approximately ₤50m, giving an average monthly spend of approximately 40M Pounds.

Table 1: Monthly Hillingdon spend

Bar Chart – Hillingdon Monthly Spend

From the table and graph, it can be inferred that December 2020 had the highest spend while May 2021 had the lowest. All other months maintained a spend range between 30 and 40 million pounds.

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