Investing In People And God’s Kingdom, Greatest Gifts of Life – Apostle Suleman Preaches

When we talk about a kingdom, we talk about a king’s domain. On that note, the Kingdom of God is about the reign and supremacy of the living God. That is where God’s power and resources reside. The servant of God, Apostle Johnson Suleman, has lectured about investing in God’s Kingdom, as an act of engaging in what is expected to yield results; even much more than what is invested. There are privileges and secrets that are accessible to people who invest in God’s Kingdom, the General Overseer of the Omega Fire Ministries (OFM) worldwide said in his sermon monitored last week.

Investing in God’s Kingdom, according to Apostle Suleman, is devoting your time, talent, and finances to ministering and bringing souls to Christ. By that, eternal rewards await you for your investment. Likewise, the famous preacher says it is also a great gift of life if you invest in people with earthly treasures that God has blessed you with.

A generous heart, Apostle Suleman who is rated among Top-6 charity giving Nigerian pastors, says a lifestyle of giving is a lifestyle of worship. He says that, while he feeds people with God’s words as a way of sharing the blessings God has giving him for free with others, he also spends his life, time and resources for others, because “no giving of worship alone can be acceptable to God if your heart is not right with God. Your heart is not right God when you are blessed materially and cannot share with the less endowed”.

Giving to the needy is a way of showcasing the love of God and towards people, counsels the ‘Restoration Apostle’ who from his personal purse regularly helps individuals, communities and towns and also constructs that is the duty of government. He added that when you reach out to people about the love of God and you preach the Gospel of the Kingdom to all and sundry, also reach out to them with the worldly blessings God has given unto you without a cost”.

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Suleman’s viewpoint on life is that, the greatest gifts of life that last forever are those made into the kingdom of God by spreading the Gospel and giving from your earthly blessings. “As you invest to win souls for God with materials, your investments will last forever and they will never decay, rust, or lose value. You must come to a point in your life where your success is only measured by those who became successful because of you. Let your vision and target be that your success in life is measured by people who become successful because of you. Your investments will give a return of changed lives, restored families, and eternal souls entering the kingdom of God; always separate a portion to God out of your substance,” Apostle Suleman says, quoting Matthew 6:33 in one of his mid-year lectures.

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