Lagos-Calabar Highway Project Advances with Ministry of Works Gaining ESIA Approval

The Nigerian Ministry of Works has received preliminary approval for the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) for the Lagos-Calabar Highway project. Deputy Environment Minister Iziaq Salako announced that the ESIA certification will be processed in phases, starting with scoping and site clearing. This phased approach allows the project to progress while ensuring environmental and social impacts are assessed and managed responsibly.

Minister Salako explained that the ESIA process involves eight stages, with scoping being one of the initial steps. The Ministry of Environment has conducted preliminary assessments and issued a certification for site clearance and scoping for compensation. The project’s proponents have submitted an application and proposal, which the ministry has screened internally to categorize the project and determine the appropriate course of action.

The Lagos-Calabar Highway is a significant infrastructure project expected to enhance connectivity and economic development in Nigeria. The ministry’s commitment to a thorough ESIA process reflects the importance of balancing development with environmental stewardship and social responsibility.

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