Nigeria Aims to Slash Petrol Imports with New CNG Program

Nigeria’s government has unveiled an ambitious plan to slash its reliance on imported petrol and transition towards cleaner energy sources. The initiative, dubbed the Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) programme, was announced in Abuja during a program titled “Co-creation Session on Nigeria’s Gas Vehicle Monitoring System Engagement.”

The program promises significant economic benefits. According to the Presidential Compressed Natural Gas Initiative (P-CNGi), it aims to reduce petrol imports by a staggering 5.5 billion liters annually. This translates to a yearly saving of $4.4 billion, a major boost for the national treasury.

But the benefits extend beyond just the bottom line. The CNG program also has ambitious environmental goals. By converting roughly one million vehicles currently running on petrol or diesel to CNG, the initiative aims to promote cleaner burning fuel and reduce harmful emissions. This shift towards CNG could significantly improve air quality in Nigerian cities, especially those struggling with pollution.

The program prioritizes mass transit vehicles, aiming to convert buses and taxis to CNG in the initial phase. This strategic move will not only benefit the environment but also potentially lower transportation costs for commuters. The P-CNGi is collaborating with major transport unions to ensure a smooth transition and widespread adoption of CNG vehicles.

The initial rollout will focus on converting vehicles in Lagos, Kwara, Abuja, and Rivers states. If successful, the program is expected to expand nationwide, offering Nigerians a cleaner and more affordable transportation option.

The CNG program represents a significant step forward for Nigeria. By reducing dependence on imported petrol, the country can bolster its economic independence and strengthen its position in the global energy market. Additionally, the environmental benefits of cleaner-burning CNG offer a welcome change for Nigerians concerned about air quality. The success of this program will be closely watched, with the potential to serve as a model for other nations seeking to transition away from traditional fuels.

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