My Goal Is to Inspire African Youths to be good Ambassadors – Mr. Nigeria International, Ajewole Emmanuel Odunayo

Ajewole Emmanuel Odunayo, winner, 2021 Mr. Nigeria International

Newly emerged Mr. Nigeria International, Ajewole Emmanuel Odunayo has said one of his many dreams in life, is to influence the African youths positively. The Ondo State born, who was crowned 2021 winner at a glamorous event in Lagos, also revealed that although, wining the completion has changed his status, he is still that young Mushin boy, not forgetting his humble beginning. ZEBRA NEWS had an exclusive chat with the Unilag graduate of Insurance.

Tell us about yourself?

I’m Ajewole Emmanuel Odunayo, a graduate of Insurance from the prestigious University of Lagos (Unilag). I’m Event planner, Fitness Instructor, Model and Fashion Entrepreneur. I won the 2021 edition of Mr. Nigeria International. One key characteristic has been high level of creativity and drive, putting in the required energy to always achieve top-notch results in key areas.

Ajewole Emmanuel Odunayo, winner, 2021 Mr. Nigeria International

What would you say has changed about you since you won Mr. Nigeria International?

One of the major changes has been the level of attention and recognition; I have received since emerging “The King”. Meeting with highly influential persons and making sure I position myself as a person of value too can be categorized as a major change. Being in this position also include carrying myself with poise and class wherever I go, making sure that my Brand (Brendance and Crusader Limited) is well represented and meaningful connections are made with highly influential persons.

What do you hope to achieve with your new status?

I hope to expand my sphere of influence at home and beyond on young people in the society. I already do this in an informal way by always encouraging young persons to strive for success and achieve it irrespective of whatever they are facing. I intend to take this to another level entirely by partnering with organizations to do this formally and get it done on a large scale. I intend to use this platform to also raise the awareness for senior citizens about their health status. As a person who has lost a loved one to this and seeing the level of nonchalance attitude towards health in this time and age, I am concerned and intend to also partner with organizations to see this through and create a lasting impact.

Ajewole Emmanuel Odunayo, winner, 2021 Mr. Nigeria International

Aside modeling, fashion, what else do you do?

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I mentor young persons to achieve their goals; I encourage and inspire them to put in effort and good work into whatever they do, exhibit excellence everywhere and stay away from drugs and vices in the society.

How would you describe your 2022 so far?

Quite intense, I’m trying to hit the ground running on some of the projects I drafted out after emerging The King. I’m also actively seeking partnerships for these projects from public and private sectors and keep up with meetings with Highly Influential persons while making sure my businesses are doing very well.

Ajewole Emmanuel Odunayo, winner, 2021 Mr. Nigeria International

What are you working presently?

One of the key projects that are in the works is the M.A.D. (Making a difference) Initiative. This initiative has laser focus on the Health of Senior citizens and Young persons that want to make something positive out of their lives. The mortality rate in Nigeria is quite alarming and the life expectancy rate keeps dropping. It’s a key concern for me and that’s why I’ve devoted my time to the cause. It is crystal clear that youths today have a distorted view of life and how it should be. Most of them have lost hope on making it and settled for less in life, some have decided to find solace in hard substances and other vices. I intend to help those that will be ready for change to forge ahead and make themselves persons of value.

Where do you see yourself five years from now?

As a renowned philanthropist that has impacted lives through sustainable projects carried out and with a sterling career in modeling and Fashion.

What’s your life philosophy?

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There is not point of living when you can’t feel alive, that means you should live while you are alive and you should give others that same privilege. The lives you touched today is the evidence that you live when you are gone.

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