The Need To Revisit The Nigerian Health Sector [Expert Opinion]

Mothers have their babies vaccinated at the Primary Health Care Maraba, in Karu, Nigeria on June 19, 2018. Photo © Dominic Chavez/GFF

The Nigerian health sector is one of the most important sectors in the Nigerian economy as the products from the sector are meant for all and usually consumed by almost all Nigerians.

The sector ignores the status of each Citizen- whether rich or poor, whether educated or not, and ensured the same kind of service are rendered. Despite opportunities available, there have been questions about the quality and timing of the services rendered.

The Nigerian health sector had been improving over the years but the services citizens get are still very poor, hence the need for proper operations management. Some doctors waste much time before they attend to patients while there is also shortage of doctors and other personnel and inability of government to employ the required numbers of doctors needed in every hospital had being the major causes of delay in service.

Moreover, some of the doctors own private hospitals where they also serve as the doctor in the private hospitals. These doctors many times empty patients in the public hospitals to their own private hospitals, whereas some perform surgical operations alone at their hospitals in such an environment that is not safe and in a situation where there is shortage of professionals.

The act of some private hospitals recruiting and training people to become auxiliary Nurses is worrisome and government has not taken action against such. Nigerian government should make sure all private hospitals are licensed and ensure only people who have studied health related courses are employed and not those who did not study such courses.

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Government should make sure that the director of health in every local government should confirm and sign before anyone can be employed in a private hospital or any qualified health personnel should submit his or her credentials to the director of the ministry for placement.

This will serve a check on every illegal actions and employments. The private healthcare sector have been trying to take time into consideration and this had been attracting many patients but poor quality of service is the major problem of the sector.

Therefore, government should make funds available to the sector in for of loan or grants. Government have tried so much to provide healthcare services to Nigerians but government try and re-strategize because of the heavy burden of providing such services.

Therefore, government should give loan or grants to the private healthcare operators as there activities need reasonable capital. Government should, through the public health care, focus majorly on specialist health care such eye care, heart care and so on

In conclusion, if government can work on these, the issue of brain drain or travelling abroad to receive treatment will be solved.Therefore government should leave the basic healthcare for the private sector to dominate so that there would be enough funds to purchase technology for treatment of special cases by the public healthcare sector.

Written By; Akingboye Ayodele Joseph

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