Bishop Idahosa Demostrates Love Again, Give Out COVID-19 Palliatives to Pastors, Others (Photos)

Bishop Isaac Idahosa of ‘God First Ministries Int’l, Ilumination Assembly’ once again proven that giving is not about religion but a show of love to everyone. In his usual practice to give cheerfully to people, he has once again demonstrated love to Pastors by distributing palliatives to be able to stay afloat in this pandemic which is ravaging the world, accompanied by Bishop Dr Femi Soneye (Chairman PFN Eti-Osa Province), and some other pastors too.

Bishop Idahosa called it a duty for believers to strengthen one another, stressing that when God blesses you, the true sign that you’re really blessed is to stretch your hands of fellowship and love to others. He further explained in his word that when one is down, every other person is down, and when one is up, all others are up. We have seen light, and the light is to be our brothers keepers. Jesus said, by this shall all men know you’re my disciples if you have love, one for another. That is it. We are provoking to love, and unto good works.

Recently he gave relief palliatives, food items and cash support to members of the church and the community, however, this time, said he is considering and concentrating on ministers of the Gospel, it doesn’t matter where you belong, weather you are a member of PFN, CAN or another denomination or Christian body, we are all brothers and sisters in the fold of Christ, that’s why you can see people congregated and more are still coming in, to take the little we have to offer them.”

Explaining that Ministers of God are also affected, they are human beings too, blood and water flow in their veins. They go to the same market like everyone else, their children go to the same schools. So the effect is the same on everyone. The only difference between Ministers of God and other people is the calling and Grace. Ministers are humans too. The bible described Elijah as a man of like passion like you.

“Even Jesus during his earthly ministry had similar experience, at a point, they needed money to pay taxes, no money was found, he asked them to go open the mouth of the fish to settle the bills. So ministers are no exemption, we pass through what everyone else passes through.”

Deliberating on the Cure to Covid-19 which he said Is God, intelligence and information gathering. Madagasca has been able to Find something as a solution. We must embrace those who has found solutions Even within here there are those whose voices are not heard who have copied light into how to proffer solution. Lets look within, the greatest help Is within, the outsiders May not tell you the best you want to hear. We must believe in Africa factor, We must nurture our nature in Africa, God has so blessed Africa with intelligence and Wisdom. Lets value our values.

While the Government Is considering the re opening of a worship centre, We as a church must put things in place, there must justice and equity as the church opens.

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