Busayo Obisakin Healing The World With Her Women Inspiration Development Center [Photos]

Mrs Obisakin, founder, Women Inspiration Development Center (WIDC)

Mrs. Busayo Obisakin who is a Psychologist in the Guidance & Counselling Unit of Obafemi Awolowo University has continue to touch lives, especially women across the globe with her Women Inspiration Development Center initiative. The philanthropist who recently had a round-table with some of her associates, international and home-base partners, shares her near death with Zebra News, how she was able to deal with High blood Pressure, financial challenges and some of the lessons, she has learned over the few years.

Mrs Busayo Obisakin addressing newsmen in Lagos

“When I was going for the empowerment training in 2010, my blood pressure was high and at that time, I was still very young, I shouldn’t be having such a problem, but because of the pressure and level of poverty in the country, even though, I was working, my husband was working, we still have a lot of commitment that has been giving us a lot of sleepless night, which later resulted in the high blood pressure, and so when I went for the empowerment, at that point, I now know that, my focusing on the problem will not solve it, but focusing on what will be the solution, looking inwards, for a targeting solutions, and so, that was what I did at the workshop, and I developed series of visions for myself, and then I came back, and kept growing in that vision, today, no matter how bad, things hardly affect me, I don’t allow negative things get to me. The workshop has really helped shaped my life, my career and marriage”.

L-R: Ms MacAvoy, Mrs Morenikeji Omaiboje, Mr Makanjuola Obisakin, Mrs Busayo Obisakin and Theresa McGahran

“It has taught me that people, we can’t overrule the fact that people can change, I have seen changes in the live of people happening, we can’t give up on people, that is a great lesson I have been taught. I have witness a lot of positive changes in the live of people”.

On what she has to say to her friends who came from the united state of America to support her, “I appreciate their love and support. I have always look forward to welcoming them to Nigeria, so as to at least see things themselves, see the country and the people. And to see the people we have been working with, I feel so fulfill seeing them here this year”.

Mrs Busayo Obisakin

The happy wife and proud mother also speaks on having her husband in the same field, not just that, but been the superior, her growing up experience “One thing about an empowered woman, you never feel intimidated, even if I stand before Buhari, I won’t be intimidated, my husband is also empowered, so there has never been a time, he did or attempted to intimidate me. He has been very supportive and wonderful”.

Growing up, I never see myself getting to this stage in life, if people had told me, I would not have agreed. Before going for the training, I never believe in myself, but after attending the training, I came to realized that, I have got some powers and potentials. And by the grace of God, I have been able to put to good use those powers” she testified.

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Mrs Busayo Obisakin addressing a cross section of Imagine team from the USA, WIDC team, other stakeholders in Lagos

The Women Inspiration Development Center was formed in 2008 by Busayo obisakin along with a group of women friends and colleagues that initially called themselves, Vigilantes against Violence, who set out to curb the violence against women and girls through a variety of services and activities they offered throughout the local community.

After a short while, it became clear that the name needed to change to reflect the widen scope of work, done by the group to help protect and improve the lives of women in the community. The group officially became registered as an organization, Women Inspiration Development Center, in 2010. The mission of the Women Inspiration Development Center is to improve the health, economic and social status of Nigerian women and girls in other to empower them to lead fulfilling lives free of violence.

Cross Section of Imagine Team and WIDC Stakeholders

The vision of Women Inspiration Development Center is to provide a safe place and network to empower women and girls in challenging situations, so that they can discover the real purpose of their existence and create new possibilities for themselves without fear or intimidation.

Also the umbrella body Imagine Initiative works primarily with women-led NGOs in Africa, MENA, India, and Afghanistan to bring their agency-focused Empowerment Workshop to disenfranchised women. Johns Hopkins University deemed this work unparalleled in its capacity to deliver agency and catalyze positive behavior change. It’s Nigerian partners, Women Inspiration Development Center (WIDC), Women Initiative for Sustainable Environment (WISE), and Girls’ Voices Initiative, each have facilitators certified by the Empowerment Institute to lead this four-day Empowerment Workshop.

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Cross Section of Imagine Team, WIDC Team and other Stakeholders

Their impact has been impressive as they work to empower women on issues of gender equality, anti-violence, and poverty alleviation, stewardship of natural resources, economic empowerment, and political rights.

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