EXPERT OPINION: A Despot And The Nigerian Tragedy – By Onus Obinyan

Slowly, Slowly they crept up on us. The ones my beloveth nation gave the power to lead.

Bit by Bit…they eat us…flesh and bones. Feeling their tongue and teeth, they suck us dry and lick their lips. They kill us in variant guises…breaking us down to small morsels and pieces to chew easy.

Early 2015 when I managed a Bar and Lounge in the Shangisha area, Lagos State, a once in a while Customer, an Old Soldier told me in simple words…”I am deeply sorry for Nigerians…they are all shouting Sai Baba up and down…believing in positive change to come. Hmmmm…Nigerians will suffer as they have never suffered before under Buhari.”

I never voted for Buhari, I opted to give Jonathan another four years in light of the lean offering available to the electorate. Well…we were just nowhere near enough to make that happen. Orubebe did his bit, he fought his fight in full glare of the world. They called him a “mad-man.”

The shiny, glittering promise in the change mantra was too strong for my people to resist. They went all in, hearts and hopes held up high in beggarly hands.

Trusting hard and believing deeply in this new-old horse and its proclaimed discipline and big “doings” between ’83 and ’85, my people saddled up and reined in for the ride. Warnings from old hands and third eyes sailed past ears too blind to see the darkness hovering over their perceived horizon of light.

Now, down this treacherous and jagged path, the new-old Horse has thrown off the rider, and coldly tramples the life out of him.

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For and against…we boil in morbid unity in this six legged cauldron we thought was a country. Blackness slowly fades our consciousness under hooves built to destroy all that we’ve ever known.

The popular “Plan B” I have not. If this is where my journey ends…so be it. I hope to the depths of me that land borders and airports are grounded fast when the shit finally hits the fan so we can feast on our political elite. I will die happy.

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