Meet Dennis Burutu Otuaro, A Man Committed To The Niger-Delta Question

Dennis Burutu Otuaro

He is a household name in the entire oil-rich Niger Delta Region as a result of his deep commitment to the betterment of the Region and it’s people.  Chief  Dennis  Burutu Otuaro is no stranger to activities in the oil-rich, but neglected Niger Delta Region. He has a tall dream for the Region hence he has been doing everything possible to ensure that due attention is given to the area.

He was in the Creeks  at the peak of the Crisis in the Region to get a  better deal for the people  and so Chief Dennis Burutu Otuaro can be described as a man with a  clear knowledge of the Niger Delta Region.

Chief Dennis Burutu Otuaro who is the Ibe -Uyadonwei of Gbaramatu Kingdom, Warri South West Local Government Area of Delta State   is a critical stakeholder in the Niger Delta struggle. He knows the pains of the people of the region.The struggle for a  better deal for the Region is incomplete without the selfless sacrifice of Chief Dennis Otuaro who has the map of the Creeks of the  Region in his palms. He is a man that has paid his dues in the Niger Delta question. Chief Dennis Burutu Otuaro, a grassroot man with intimidating credentials is a man of the people and deeply committed to the resolution of the army of challenges facing the region. The issues affecting the Region are very dear to his heart.


Goal-driven, educated professional with solid foundation in political administration and progressive experience that is highly applicable to Executive Director position.  Doctorate Degree (PhD), Comparative Politics and Development Studies, University of Benin, 2016-2019 (In View)

• Master of Public Administration, University of Benin, 2008-2009

• MSc: International Relations, University of Benin, 2007-2008

• Bachelor of Science in Political Science Education, Delta State University, 2001-2005.


▪ Successfully negotiated political climate to secure support from Division and outside stakeholders to ensure successful execution

▪ Cultivated relations with leaders at all levels to develop and maintain support for effective system implementation

▪ Successfully initiated corporate strategy and implementation

▪ Understanding in managing people having lead several academic and social groups

▪ Setting strategic goals and making sure they are measurable and describable

▪ Stakeholders engagement strategist

Dennis Burutu Otuaro has over fourteen (14) years of general management experience from being a member of  Presidential Council on the Socio Economic Development of the Costal States of the Niger Delta, member United States Institute of Peace (Usip), Fellow Alternative to Dispute Resolution in Africa, National President National Union of Izon-Ibe (Ijaw) (Nuis) World Wide, Chief Protocol at the Delta State Oil Producing Areas Development Commission (Desopadec) and currently the Principal Consultant of Owelle Global currently focusing on Logistics and consultancy sector of the Nigerian Business Environment.

In 2006, Owelle Global Resources came into existence as a logistics and consultancy company and has given birth to other subsidiary companies across the country.

As the Chief Protocol to The Chairman Delta State Oil Producing Areas Development Commission (Desopadec), he supported the Chief Executive in his day to day operations of the program (an intervention set up to attain largely three main goals; improve infrastructure in the crude oil-bearing areas of Delta State, create employment and, by so doing, help ease the huge insecurity-related incidence in those parts of the state).

Owelle Global was established to help organizations improve their efficiency in operations directly impacting their profitability. They have consulted for several organizations in the nations MDA’s and SME sectors.

According to him,  in  the next five  years, Owelle Global hopes to focus more on Government MDA’s and seek way and means for collaborations to improve operational efficiency and process optimization. It’s been identified that the Civil Service in Nigeria needs an urgent shift in the way things are done. We will be looking at improving service delivery and process re-engineering/automation based on the specific needs of the organization we shall be working with.

Personally,   Chief  Dennis Burutu Otuaro  finds fulfilment in helping young people align or realign their goals and find clarity.

“Your long-term happiness and fulfillment depend on your ability to fulfill your soul’s unique purpose and to fill the place in the world that only you can fill, making the contribution that only you can make.” Rod Stryker

Roy Stryker’s quote above strikes the very cord that aptly describes the person of Chief Dennis Burutu Otuaro.

It’s not uncommon to see people from significantly humble backgrounds become successful, but this mostly happens with people who believe in their dreams and muster the tenacity and courage to make them reality.

History has proven how true this is by the practical examples of the life of successful people, all over the world; some riding on the back of already established wealth and relationships that became subservient to their goals or destiny, while for others, success was achieved through sheer doggedness, determination, resilience and passion in the face of daunting odds.

Chief Dennis Otuaro’s story is an inspiration that young  people everywhere can take a cue from, as it teaches how focus, resilience, hard work, taking advantage of opportunities at the right time as well as trust in God are important pillars for success and fulfilment, despite where one may find themselves in life.


In his pre-teen age, Dennis Burutu Otuaro was but only a young man with dreams, a great passion for success and a lot of resilience.

He  lost his parents at the very tender age of eight  but even at that young age, he knew he didn’t want to end up like most people who took such a disadvantage as an excuse to wallow in penury; he resolved nothing was going to stop him from making it in life; not the rigors of the hard life, not the emptiness of being devoid of parental warmth and care, not peer pressure or any other factor. As he put it, “Having lost my parents at the age of 8, I started living on my own. When you are surviving at that young age on your own, the situation does not necessarily drive you into criminality but makes you focus on what you can achieve. It’s not like nowadays that everybody gives excuses for criminal acts on hard life or the devil. ”

He  went through the hard times with grit and determination; he walked through the desert of his dreams for many years building the very foundation that would propel him to the planes he envisioned for himself. Indeed, commitment shakes the very foundation of this universe.


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