Bishop Blessing Samuel And His Coat Of Many Colors

His name will immediately ring a bell in the minds of those who knows what affluence, wealth and ministry connote.

Delta state born Bishop Blessing Samuel, the presiding pastor in charge of Royal Place Ministries Intl, a philanthropist, an astute and a pragmatic man of God with an awesome prophetic grace whose vision is to expand the kingdom of God, build, raise leaders and en time army, teach people the reality of redemption, human empowerment, touch lives by the power of the Holy Spirit, to prepare the saints for the coming of Christ and to plant churches in 120 countries of the world, though currently has 6 branches, 3 in Nigeria, one in Houston, New York and Michigan.

Bishop Blessing Samuel, young and vibrant American base pastor further said in his remark about his salvation experience and a call to the ministry as unique, itinerant, and a divine visitation as christ visited him.

Despise his bitter experience while growing up, born with single cell anemia never made him lost focus or got discouraged, he also lost his father in 1994. Now Bishop Blessing is enjoying God’s wealth and divine health from God who healed him from single cell anemia to A A.

His 28 years in ministry has made him a renowned minister of God with Apostolic unction of healing, acurate prophecies with solutions and a deliverance minister.A solicitor and facilitator by Heaven’s mandate, so passionate about the works of the kingdom and nation building whose mission is to Impact Kingship and banish slavery.

As a crusader and as a prolific prophet who is highly gifted with clairvoyance spirit recently rounded up a prophetic program where he revealed with precision the past, the present and the future occurrences in the lives of some of his members.

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As his name implies, he has been a source of blessing to many lives, he gives excessively as he is led, showing love and help both to the needy. He recalls recently during one of his program titled ‘You cannot fight for God’ where he said he has given over 10 cars to ten members in his ministry, and over 22 cars out of his ministry and each of the cars are gifted by people, he testified of how he recently got another car, 2019 Mercedes Benz E400 convertible during his birthday.

“I give base on the leading from God, I also give to committed people, I believe in giving, it is the secret to prosperity, I don’t just believe in talking as a pastor, i believe in praying and to be a physical blessing to people” Bishop Blessing added.

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